“A fine opportunity – by chance”

During the month of November 2013 the exhibition of Dutch artist Jaap Borgers took place at the Cultural Club of Palácio Belmonte.
In april 2013 Borgers was on holiday in the city, walking down the hill from the Castelo and decided to have a drink at a lovely little terrace next to the ancient walls of this tourist attraction. There was a curious cloud hanging in the yard, made of rusty steel wool, that caught his attention. Inside the café adjoining the terrace he found a whole collection of art displayed and was introduced to the owners of the place Frederic Coustols and his wife Maria Mendonca, also an artist.
Borgers had seen a variety of Lisbon’s art treasures at Museu do Chiado, Gulbenkian, Coleção Berardo, Palácio Pombal, Casa da Achada and several art galleries and artists workshops, and he became convinced that Portuguese people have a warm heart towards art, so he pronounced his wish to be able one day to show his own work to these art lovers. That is when Frederic and Maria offered him the possibility to have this exhibition at the Cultural Club of Palácio Belmonte.
Recent exhibitions where Jaap Borgers’ works were shown, were held at Chateau de Sully in France, Kulturhuset Brønden in Denmark, Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen, the Netherlands and at ABC-Treehouse in Amsterdam. The work you will see consists of sculptural pieces and an installation. You are very welcome to come and see Jaap’s vision on live in it’s many aspects.

To see Jaap Borgers full biography, visit: www.jaapborgers.nl

Belmonte Cultural Club | Lisboa

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